Rahul D. Manchanda’s Professional Accomplishments

May 20, 2017
Rahul D. ManchandaRahul D. Manchanda is an attorney and is proud to serve as a member of the American Bar Association Advisory Panel. This is a distinguished group of lawyers who inform the ABA’s priorities and decisions by working diligently to provide guidance on the direction of the American Bar Association and the issues that are facing attorneys around the country.

Rahul D. Manchanda has been able to travel around the world throughout his career. It has enabled him to fight for peace and mutual understanding between the United States and numerous foreign countries. Manchanda’s work and observations have been published or considered by the International Atomic Energy Agency, United States Congress, United States Senate, United States Executive Branch, and numerous think-tanks, NGOs, and foreign or domestic governmental agencies.

Attorney Rahul D. Manchanda has worked tirelessly to advocate for peace, universal human rights, civil rights, and the avoidance of war and conflict. He has worked to transform the world in whatever way is available to him. Manchanda has successfully advised on, and appeared in, Criminal Court throughout New York for a variety of state and federal criminal defense issues. Rahul Manchanda was sworn in and admitted to practice in the highest courts in New York State as well as numerous federal courts in the US. Manchanda is fluent in French, Hindi, English, Urdu, and Punjabi as well as studying Russian, Latin, and Hebrew.